Welcome to Smallthorne Gas Services. We primarily offer metering reconnections, purge and relights, and meter relocation service. A full upgrade of electrical earth bond inc testing & certification of the property earthing system.

We are based in Smallthorne, and offer our services throughout the Midlands and offer our services to areas 50 miles around Stoke on Trent, including Wigan, Shrewsbury, Derbyshire, Notthingham and Wolverhampton. However can operate in other areas if required.


We are primarily a Utilities company carrying out gas reconnections after mains and services upgrades have been completed, included in this is:-

  1. Fitting and reconnection of gas meter.
  2. Testing installation and carrying out purge and relight of appliances.
  3. Repositioning of gas meters, if the service team found that it was not possible to get the service back to its original position. Via one of the following methods.
    1. Surface mounted gas meter boxes.
    2. Meter bracket on the wall if the meter is located inside building.
    3. Replacement of old style “A” type meter boxes were the old service had been removed from the properties wall cavity.

All of the above would normally be required to have a upgrade on the electrical earth bonding completed. This is required to completely bring the installation up to current standards. (In accordance with BS standards and Gas safe regulations.) This would be certified and a copy left with the house owner or compident person for the premises.


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